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Premium Choice, situated in Encino, California, is a fast expanding corporation. Premium Choice is dedicated to offering excellent service and hospitality to our consumers while supporting them in acquiring reasonable and reliable insurance. We specialize in life and health insurance tele sales. We help our clients find more effective solutions, which saves them time and money.

Our seasoned and experienced personnel collaborate to form an incredible team that strives to satisfy the demands of our customers. Good isn't good enough for us. We strive to be the best in all we do, including educating our clients, providing the greatest rate, and maximizing our workers' achievement. This excitement fuels our commitment and humanity in whatever we do. Premium Choice is committed to its workers' personal and professional success.

We believe that our workers are the heartbeat of the firm and are essential to its long-term success. In addition to our strong retention rate, we want to assist our colleagues create long-term careers with Premium Choice. You might be in charge of the following as an agent: Explain the pros and disadvantages of various health and life insurance policies, such as Medicare. People are being informed and enrolled in the most comprehensive health and life insurance plans available.

Because they are incredibly competent, compassionate, and trustworthy, the people at Premium Choice motivate you to push and grow. If you're a professional who cares about his clients and is prepared to go above and beyond to deliver outstanding service, this position is for you. From afar, our sales team can assist you! In Southern California, we are a flourishing insurance agency. By the end of the year, we hope to have 1000 agents working from home. We are experts in finding plans that are both affordable and trustworthy. Our representatives must be honest and trustworthy.

At Insure Choice, we've discovered that top producers flourish when the majority of the marketing and administrative tasks are transferred to others. By selling insurance over the phone, an agent may demonstrate how prolific a TOP PRODUCER can be. We feel that no other organization in the life insurance sector can match what we offer independent agents. Our purpose is to help our agents achieve their objectives while providing the finest possible customer service!

Development and learning There are several options for growth in your profession, including cutting-edge training and coaching to assist you in learning, growing, and flourishing. We are important. Daily. Clients are feeling safe, appreciated, and respected. Assistance with technology. We've offered remote technical help since the beginning. Visionary leadership is essential. Our leadership team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer and employee experiences. Both are required. You'll never have to make educated guesses about how you're doing. Employees and management evaluate their progress and performance on a regular basis.

Flexibility. We provide you with the opportunity to work from home. You may attain a better work-life balance and prolong your days by saving time on a long commute. It's How We Do Things. We believe in a diverse workplace that fosters innovation and success. We're seeking for people who share our enthusiasm for the same things. Our Advantages In addition to a rich and comprehensive compensation scheme, we will take care of your licensing so you may submit business in many jurisdictions. It is a matter of corporate responsibility for us. We understand the importance of being a leader in providing the greatest insurance coverage, as well as the opportunity and responsibility that comes with it.

It is necessary to create tools. We are dedicated to helping our most valuable asset, our workers, grow personally and professionally. Our CRM and Dialer systems, as well as sales growth tools, will be available to you. Our specialists will provide you with tailored insights to help you attain your full potential, regardless of where we are physically situated. Although there is no fast cure for success, you will be fully supported at Company Name in order to deliver the best possible service to our clients on the other end of the line.


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